Xolve Group releases Work Management app on Moqui

Try it here, https://demo.xolvegroup.com
Get it here, GitHub - xolvegroup/WorkManagement

“Work Management” is what the cool kids are calling project management these days. In the SaaS market it is a space filled by Asana, Monday, Smartsheet, Wrike, Trello (Atlassian) and others. These apps tend to be easier to use than full blown project management software and are general purpose enough to target business users across an organization including Sales, Marketing, and Finance.

There are many options in this space, so why create another one?

  • We use Moqui internally and wanted something built in rather than using a third party SaaS application
  • We are contributing to the Moqui community
  • We want to show the power of Moqui as a foundation for building your own suite of integrated applications
  • SaaS isn’t for everyone - open source continues to offer organizations an alternative that allows them to customize, integrate with their own apps, control their data, avoid vendor lock in, and manage costs

This is great! Thanks Vince for sharing.

Fantastic Vince, is there a plan to include Time tracking for the tasks, i,e, once a task is assigned to a user, the user will be able to enter time spent on the task and track remaining hours left etc.

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Awesome, looks great!

Cool, thanks for sharing!

Great work, thanks for sharing!!

Can you share more information about what you want time tracking for?
HiveMind has this capability along with many other things required to run a professional services / software development shop including services for generating invoices from time entry.
Work Management could be extended to include these features but that was not the original intent.

Thanks @vince.clark i wasn’t clear about the scope of this app, and was imagining this could do others things required for professional services, however, now that you clarified this is focused on work management Vs Professional Services, it makes sense.

Another related question, is there a plan to add mobile app (native??), i tried accessing the demo site from mobile phone and display was not totally adaptive to the mobile display, or in general what is the recommended best practice approach in terms of mobile user experience for moqui based apps

Yes we would like to improve the mobile experience but have not decided yet on building a mobile app. There is probably some work we can do to improve the existing UI on mobile.

Thanks Vince, i recognize we could have different field list for web and mobile, that could be a first step to improve existing UI for mobile, how are others in the community handling mobile user experience, are you building native apps or tweaking the existing UI for mobile,