Why is there no relation between the Order and the Agreement?

Hi all,
In Moqui Data Model, I don’t see any relation between Order entities and Agreement entities. In reality, the orders may result after an agreement is signed. Should I extends the Order (or OrderPart, OrderItem) to link to Agreement (or AgreementItem)?

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I was looking for the same, and also on Invoice. Easy enough to extend the entities but worth validating the data model design with the community. My proposal:
Add agreementId and agreementItemSeqId to OrderItem entity and InvoiceItem
My use case is that I will directly generate invoices based on information from an Agreement so there will be no sales order. In this case I need the fields tracked by invoice.


Many thanks to you, Vince!!!

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To understand the requirements better, you generate an invoice based on the agreements, so do these agreements represent some long-term relationship between vendor and customer? If so, would it make sense to generate these relationships in the form of a recurring order?
Are the invoices generated based on other data, are they services or why do you need or want to skip the order? We are working with services and consider them a product and generate the orders prior to the invoices even if there is no reservation, shipping or asset handling.


Some invoices are not precisely related to the orders , for examples,Return Guarantee Money,It is a fee charged after the purchase and sale agreement is signed and before the purchase order is placed