What do you think are Moqui's greatest strengths?

What do you think are Moqui’s greatest strengths?

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The business application logic.


udm, usl, framework.

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Genuine Open Source, true open community, Data Model (udm), Business Logic for common enterprise requirements (usl), extensible framework (for custom development), less coding for common use cases like adding a screen. Service, or entity, entity engine with xml import (easy to add and maintain reference data and migrate across different environments during implementation) , Tools for testing service(you can put together and test a service in a short order), Tools for Entity Data Maintenenace (useful for non technical business analysts who are not very comfortable with sql query and sql client)

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Very similar to the previous answers…

  • The overall framework (and more specifically the Entity Engine and the end to end security are what I like the most)
  • UDM
  • USL
  • It is free and quite comprehensive

I use Moqui as a headless application baseline which covers probably 90% of most types of application needs.

The same way Atlassian built Jira on top of (parts of) Ofbiz, there are a lot of cool and clever stuff that can built on top of Ofbiz’s better iteration.

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The data model is almost certainly way better than anything you are going to make up on your own.

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