Vietnamese moqui

We have been developing our product base on moqui for a while. Today we would like to release the Vietnamese package (Vietnamese label and accounting setting) to moqui community. We try to build a larger commnunity of moqui developer in Vietnam. We can share with you our successful experience and many products and services that we are providing base on moqui.

My email contact: [email protected]


Great! Thank you for contributing that.

It would be cool to see what you’ve done with Moqui.

Hi Michael,
we have deployed moqui for many client in different business model.
I will share with you some example feature underneath:

  1. mobile app for sales man to sales product to stores all over the city.

New user can only post 1 media at a time, I will seperate in differeent replies.

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  1. website ecommerce restore integrated with apache unomi, with payment gateway (for test):

  2. POS

    (we also have pos on mobile app)

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  1. inventory, delivery management
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  1. Our reporting and dashboard all base all Data Document/Elastics

Here are just few example features.
One thing we can share is that with restful api and service oriented, event driven architecture of moqui, íts really low code and low cost, very fast to market product.


Wow… this is great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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That looks great! It’s always cool to see another product built on Moqui.

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How to run it? I’m stuck in some places

Please be specific ! you simply get it as component then load it.

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Thank you for replying to me. I already cloned the moqui framework from Githup. Now just gradlew getComponent -Pcomponent=moqui_vi_VN is ok, right?

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pls run gradlew load after that !

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  • What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ‘:getComponent’.

Component moqui_vi_VN not found in myaddons.xml or addons.xml

it is what it is :)) the component does not exist by default, you have to add to myaddons.xml ỏ addons.xml

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Can you guide me more clearly?

After cloning moqui-framework from github,

  1. Download runtime
./gradlew getRuntime
  1. Create myaddons.xml file containing:
    <!-- Olbius Components -->
    <component name="moqui_vi_VN" group="olbius" version="" branch="main"/>
  1. Download the Olbius component
./gradlew getComponent -Pcomponent=moqui_vi_VN
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Thank you so much for helping me solve the problem

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Sure. No problem!

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please help me to solve this error:
ERROR main .moqui.i.e.EntityDatasourceFactoryImpl Error connecting to DataSource transactional (h2),