Update array of data

hello , is it possible that update array of data without using loops
suppose some thing like :
response = ec.service.sync().name(“store#fadak.Course”).parameters([courseId : [“10000”,“1000001”] , courseCode : “11”).call()
where courseId is primary key and courseCode is property that we want update in all arrays record
is there some thing like that ?

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Yes this is possible (without an explicit while loop).

More information would be needed for implementing this.

What do you mean by more information?
how can I find the service structure of this method?
can you give me more information ?

Please try ec.entity.find(“Example”).condition(“exampleId”, [‘TEST1’,‘TEST2’]).updateAll([exampleName:‘Test batch name’])

thanks so much , do you know is it possible that give array in second part ? I mean use array to the value of exampleName in your example and update first exampleId by first exampleName and second by second and so on
do you have any idea or information about that ?

I dont think there is a such funtion.

yeah , maybe , thanks for your answer