Understanding and unifying how to contribute to moqui

So I’m a bit unsure how to contribute to moqui or collaborate. The line is a little blurry on what platform for what interaction


  • moqui.org HiveMind tasks and requests (Is it still used?)
  • github issues
  • github pull requests
  • forum
  • mailing list


  • PRs and code reviews
  • Questions
  • Bug reports
  • Features and plans

So for example, let’s say I want to contribute something but not sure if my design is correct. Do I simply provide a PR and start discussing, or do I discuss it here? How do things happen? Where is the best place to ask questions?

What about bug reports? I can see issues being reported in github. Is that where we’re supposed to address bugs? Or does it get reported in moqui HiveMind?

It seems we also need based on this discussion to update the relevant documentation

Appreciate your inputs and guidance

The Discourse forum here will likely become the new home for discussions (including features and plans as you mentioned) and questions. This is still being tried out and is not official. At some point I, or someone else on the board, will propose it as official and open a vote on the mailing list as per the governance document:


Pull Requests must always be on GitHub where the git repositories live. That is something that won’t change unless we move the git repos elsewhere.

For a while I had the GitHub issues disabled on most repos, leaving them open only for Moqui-framework since there were some open issues I didn’t want to lose. The problem was people started to file issues on moqui-framework instead of the repo where the issue belonged, so I just turned them on again. I would prefer not to use GitHub issues, but that’s just my preference.

It would be great to use HiveMind on moqui.org more, but there is not much of an audience there, not many people who keep an eye on it or who have enabled notifications.

For most contributions the best place to start is with a discussion, and this Discourse forum is a good place to do that. You can start with a ‘cold’ pull request on GitHub, but chances are there will be more rework than if it was discussed first.

The biggest issue with all of these things is who handles them? If it’s always me there is no community and Moqui doesn’t work long term. The goal is to have peer collaboration to answer questions, discuss new features, and review pull requests.

For now I am the primary person who acts in the Moderator role and reviews pull requests. Any board member can merge pull requests (all board members have full access on GitHub, and you can see who is on the board on GitHub in the ‘moqui’ group. Part of the purpose of having others review pull requests before I review and merge them is to provide some sort of background (in addition to forum and other participation) to select additional people to help in the Moderator role for Moqui. New Moderators must be voted on by the Moqui Board (on the private mailing list), similar to new committers in Apache Software Foundation projects.

The Community Guide document will only be updated to link to forum.moqui.org after it has been voted on. If enough people feel this should be done sooner than later, then we might as well. It would be nice to move away from Google Groups. One downside to that is less convenient access to the archive on Google Groups. Michael put some time into trying this without success as there are various issues with Google changing things over time and the not super simple tool that someone put together to do this. We could move without that, but it would be nice to migrate the history (especially for [email protected]).

Those are my thoughts on it as of now, pending discussion, community preferences, and board votes.

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