Settlement Terms Enhancement

Is there currently any way to set Settlement Terms at the party level? I can set it at the invoice level, but that means manually updating every invoice for that party. This is prone to mistakes and missed invoices.

If this is not currently a functionality of Moqui, is there any reason why it can’t be? I’d like to have my developers build this functionality at the party level.

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from my 1 minuter look at the entity, you can look at the invoice as an “accounting” relationship between the parties. The SettlementTerm is important to the Invoice and not to the party Itself. Furthermore, a party can have different invoices with different SettlementTirms whether it was the “from” or “to” party.

i don’t know if it exists, but i seen no reason for it to have been implemented

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There are two places where this can be configured:

  1. for the From Party on an Invoice, for Receivables (from party is internal org): PartyAcctgPreference.settlementTermId

  2. for the From and To Parties via Agreement with the settlement term specified using an AgreementTerm record; this works for Receivables and Payables (ie From is Org Internal, or To is Org Internal), so:
    2.a. Receivables (From Pty is Org Internal): organizationPartyId = fromPartyId, otherPartyId = toPartyId, otherRoleTypeId != ‘Customer’
    2.b. Payables (To Pty is Org Internal): organizationPartyId = toPartyId, otherPartyId = fromPartyId, otherRoleTypeId == ‘Customer’


oh nice. I never knew that moqui had preference entities.

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