Server Requirements


On the site on the main page I read:

“Multi Instance
Need Saas? no problem. The multi-instance features in Moqui Framework make it easy to offer your Software as a Service. With provisioning services in Moqui and subscription products in Mantle it is easy to set up an ecommerce and self-service web site for access to your software. Each instance runs in its own container or VM and with its own database. Provisioning services are included for Docker and MySQL. There are service interfaces you can implement for any host environment or database.”

  1. Where in the Moqui documentation can I read about a use case like SaaS?

  2. What are the minimum server requirements to deploy Moqui Marble ERP?

  3. Do I understand correctly what can be used for Moqui - GrowERP Flutter Administrator front-end as a custom panel? And at the same time, users can download Mobile applications (for Android - iOS) and work stably with Moqui’s ERP tools?

How do we want to use ERP Moqui?

  • Provide SaaS-type services for different companies. When employees of different companies work in the ERP Moqui panel separately.

Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge!

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