Proposal to change the time of community call

I would like to propose that we move the bi-weekly community meeting to either 8 am or 8 pm Pacific. The morning time accommodates Americas, EMEA, and India but not APAC. Evening would include Americas, APAC, and India but not EMEA. Thoughts?

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Hice Vince.

8 am accommodates for us (Chile) because we have 5 hours more than PST. 8 pm will be 1 am for us :-1: In fact, the bi weekly meeting now takes the last hour of our laboral time.

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I’m supportive of the morning time, but not the evening time.

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It sounds like 8 am Pacific is the best option. Any other comments, suggestions?
@jonesde , does this work for you?

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Why change it? For my part, no, I’d prefer not to do 8am or 8pm.

No matter which time we choose it will be better or worse for some people given the global audience. Maybe it’s horrible and selfish, but the intent of the timing is to focus on the USA and nearby time zones, and to take advantage of lunch time in the US/Pacific time zone, and Friday afternoon for US time zones further east (which tends to be a more quiet part of the week). The additional stress and interruption of other things, for me, would not be worth doing 8am or 8pm, or otherwise trying to do early mornings or late evenings to accommodate other parts of the world.

If someone wants to organize separate calls for a time zone more friendly to other parts of the world then that’s fine, but I probably won’t join in on a regular basis.

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@jonesde, this is neither “horrible” or “selfish” :slight_smile:
The timing of the current call makes sense. My objective in proposing the change was to maximize coverage of who could join. I agree there is no optimal time that accommodates everyone.

For those of you unable to join the regularly scheduled meeting please add comments / suggestions if you would be interested in adding another community call at 8 am Pacific.

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@vince.clark Thanks for suggesting these timings for the community calls. As per the current timing, in India, we have these meetings at 1:30 AM (Due to Daylight Saving Time, now it will be at 12:30 AM). Anyway, it seems for the majority here, current timing is more suitable. Maybe people like us who have difficulty joining regular community calls can try to join once in a while or organize separate calls (as @jonesde suggested).

@vince.clark I would be interested in having a separate call at 8 AM/PM PST with the same frequency.