Potential lock conflict entity in UserAccount

I have a problem and sometimes its happens and I don’t know why?
When I visit the UserAccountList, the system automatically logs out and then
I can no longer log in!
There are no errors and only I get this warning ‘Potential lock conflict entity mantle.party.Party pk john.doe thread MoquiWorker-6 TX 104 began 2023-08-29 01:00:45.646 at:
00: AT_ENTITY:moqui.security.UserAccount (AUTHZA_UPDATE:update)’.

Does anyone know why this error happen?

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Are you sure that your session token didn’t just expire?

What version of Moqui are you running? In this commit, there was a feature added where if the user isn’t logged in, a relogin dialogue pops up. That might help fix your problem.

Also, if you just cleanDb’d the database then your session cookies are stale, and Moqui doesn’t know what do with them. If you delete your cookies and refresh the page then you should be able to login without the lock conflict.

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There may be more in your logs, the potential lock conflict messages are only on by default with the MoquiDevConf.xml file (off by default in production), and are only potential lock conflicts. If there is actually in issue with a lock it will show up later in the log, these messages are just to give you extra info in case there is a deadlock, lock wait timeout, etc.

What do you mean by can’t login? What is the message or behavior?


Hi, I think its happen because of few code that i added to moqui, Anyway Thanks

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