PopRestStore Customization

Hi Moqui Folks,

I’m currently working with my team on a PopRestStore (forked) customization to allow:

a) Local NON USA addresses entry; adding suburb and neighborhood lists (USA address are enabled by default)
b) Local shipping rates calculation, via tabular lookup by Suburb/Neighborhood (using a custom ShippingGateway)
c) Enable Cash on Delivery, and potentially billing account payment Methods

It’s for a local business to be able to receive sales orders from customers paying with cash on delivery, or via billing accounts (credit for trusted customers), I think that could be an interesting use case for several small and medium business doing local delivery on their own, I wonder if such kind of customizations would be valuable enough to be considered for contribution to the main PopRestStore component, if yes we would consider to add some ProductStoreSetting rows to enable/disable such functionalities. WDYT?

FYI, After first phase we’re planning to add support for Google Maps API’s for delivery calculations, which would improve delivery rates management and updates for end users, however we need to have something functional for our first prototype and POC’s.

Kind Regards,
Hector R.