Open for Contractual Work!

I hope this is the right place to post this.
I want to announce that I’m open for contractual work with Moqui and/or most front-end frameworks.

A little bit about me, for those who don’t know me:
I’ve worked with Moqui for over 2 years now, & successfully delivered & deployed a few applications including e-commerce websites, hotel reservation systems, workshop manufacturing management.
I’ve also developed an e-commerce react-native mobile app that uses Moqui as it’s backend. I’m also working on a new standalone front-end for moqui, designed for small businesses.

My public contributions so far include a Vue Storefront integration with Moqui. (Along with @info.integrin , @michael )

I’m looking for new projects at the moment, so thought I’d let you guys know!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Marwan is a great developer. I enjoyed working with him on the vue storefront project, and am impressed with his work.

@marwand What kind of new projects are you looking for? Is it more of a long term project or a short term one to fill in the cracks of time you have here or there?

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I had collaborated with @marwand in the past and i agree with @michael , @marwand has good understanding of front end frameworks and moqui, and has good clarity of thought and communication skill, will be a great partner for design and development work.