On what Linux do you deploy moqui?

I have to deploy moqui on linux server in 2 month. I am not familar with linux, so just wondering, if you have any experience, on which linux do you deploy your moqui?

This is not asking for which one is better or something like, i just want to know on which one is easier with less difficulties.


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I would recommend using docker, the framework repository has a docker directory with great examples to create the image, and to deploy everything to have a working system using docker-compose.
The base image is eclipse-temurin which is based on debian.
As for the docker host, it could be any linux distribution or other OS that has good support for docker and docker-compose. We generally use ubuntu, but have no strong preference.

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A specific quesiton:
In docker, with production-conf, is it as quick as not using docker to compile and run the moqui instance? As sometimes we need to merge some changes to component, then stop running and start again. We used to ‘deploy’ moqui by a command: gradlew runProduction . it went well.
And sometimes even have to edit code on the server and save the edit, and restart moqui instance.

Are those 2 senario applied to you as well?

In docker, you can start a second moqui instance in parallel and if hazelcast is configured correctly (the examples are already set up this way), you can do zero downtime upgrades. Hazelcast keeps the session data between the instances up to date so there is no impact on the users and they do not need to login again when you make the changes.
The cost is that you have to generate a new image for each change you want to deploy.

Done with deploy.
Simple process.
Used rocky Linux without dock.
Installed postgresql and opensearch.
Copied whole dir of moqui into new rocky server, then restored dababase in postgres.
Note that:

  1. postgres in linux needs to setup the default postgres user password stuff before register a new server.
  2. opensearch as default with security option activated. So as in moqui, it needs to be disabled. Check the opensearch doc for it.

As being said simple process, it took 2 days to deploy.
Thank you for your reply, this is a report for a progress.