My New Open Collab Project - Moqui Adjacent

I put this in the End User Questions section because this new open collab project is sort of an end-user of Moqui. On a side note I’m lately preferring the term ‘open collab’ to open source… and it’s pretty short. It makes a distinction not about the source code or the money, but about the collaboration which is what really matters.

The whitepaper directory has one that I wrote about the rationale and context for the project, and current trends for home-scale manufacturing and democratized access to technology.

The em-csam directory has a concept sheet (really dense, sorry, a lot to fit in) for a metal-capable printhead based on micro railguns. I realized I can build a prototype without even buying a 3D printer, just some cheap materials and some motor controller style electronics. Anyone could do this at home for probably less than $100, but I’m not sure about that yet… I’ll see how it goes.

The potential for this sort of technology goes way beyond the potential for Moqui, but Moqui still fits nicely into a certain part of the picture. All of these new small businesses are going to need software, and many of them will be tinkerers.

For those interested in open technology in general, and in small scale additive manufacturing in particular, I hope you’ll find this of value.

If anyone wants to try to beat me to the punch testing a single jet printhead, I hope I included enough info in the em-csam concept sheet to do so (or at least as far as I am in the process!).

If anyone has thoughts or questions on this separate topic, probably best to keep them out of this forum for Moqui. The GitHub stuff is there and as needed I’ll put together other infra.


great idea!