Multi instance docker - moqui-server detail- null

hai guys i have two question…

1 . how to set default database mysql8
2 . i just followed this steps…this
new instace created, succesfully running
on https://moqui.local but moqui server is not running…it still red color…what is use of moqui server…its neccessary need to turn on green color

That assumes that you have an /etc/hosts file which I believe is only on linux and macos.

This also assumes that you have added moqui.local to you /etc/hosts file.

Then instead of going to port 443 with https, go to port 80 with http like http://moqui.local.

That should work if moqui is actually running with the docker setup. Hope this helps!

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no its not work… http://moqui.local this port redirect to https://moqui.local

local app log

The Error is just because of /status endpoint, Your main-Moqui instance can’t be able to ping on that might be because of http/https.
or your subInstance /status page not exists you have to configure something by changing in image.

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Make sure to add moqui.local to your hosts and the client ip is allowed by https://moqui.local/status.

To allow client IP, you may run System.setProperty(“webapp_status_ips”,“, your_client_id”) in https://moqui.local/qapps/tools/GroovyShell