Moqui with Docker

Hi Team,
I have followed all the steps mentioned in below link :
but i am getting this plain text when i try to access through browser

It looks like the CSS is not loading, and possibly other resources as well. The best place to start is the logs… server logs may not show anything if the requests aren’t making it through, but the browser would have more information. The first place I’d look is the developer tools in whichever browser you are using, look at the network tab to see what’s going on with additional files not being loaded. The JavaScript console might be helpful, but missing CSS and such is more often caused by issues with deployment related settings.

Thanks , I will check as per you suggested and let you know the final status.Once again Thanks Jonesde.

Thanks Jone issue is with domain-name when i trying with ip css and javascript does not load but when i tried with domain name all css and everything working fine. Thanks for your help.

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