Moqui with docker for multi-instance setup 2.0 problem

That’s my 1st - Problem – >
Here in above image in nginx-proxy in its logs i am getting error in Proxy_hash_bucket_size not sufficient but Problem is that i cant update in the file named etc/nginx/conf.d → default.conf


In above pic as you can see
My other information about my container creation (moqui.local )is successfully mapped () When i create container from moquiUI and also my moqui.local server is runnig , i checked in its logs here but i think because of my 1problem i cant be able to redirect on it .

Any suggestion what i am doing wrong ,because only nginx is creating problem in the path of multi-instance-setup success in moqui
Any Help/Suggestion is welcome

Hi Rohit,
you don’t need to change in this file **etc/nginx/conf.d → default.conf

please change the Nginx conf file.
please refer to this file for reference:- nginx/nginx.conf at master · nginx/nginx · GitHub