Moqui Start Component

It’s a pain to setup a new component, and this does most of the steps for you.

If anyone is interested, I created this start component to easily create new moqui components: GitHub - acetousk/start: A simple component to start out with for Moqui Components

Just follow the instructions in the README to get started.

I’m open to any feedback or simple feature requests.


It would be helpful if we have a interactive gradle task, for example “gradle createComponent”.

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I wrote a similar thing for OFBiz: createPlugin. It’s easy to do thanks to groovy and GString. Essentially you can parameterize the component with a few parameters (default name, a few other args) which then generates a component based on these. And I think it would be great to have that feature in the core (either in the framework itself or maybe in runtime or something like that).

I can definitely write something like that if people find it useful. I might even base it on @michael work above.

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Yes, that’s greate!

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I can do that.

It’s pretty simple

I think that would be a great idea @michael people would most likely use that feature. I know I would.

Maybe you can even customize it like other starter templates to choose for example whether or not to use macros, or whether tests should be generated. Something similar to create-react-app or other starter generators.

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Good idea. I can do that

@taher and @zhangwei

I create a branch here that I would like you to test before merging.

Let me know what you think

I have tested it and it works well.
I also used --console=plain in command to hide gradle Executing/Progress bar and the interaction looks more friendly.
./gradlew -Pcomponent=my_component createComponent --console=plain

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Great! I’m glad it worked