Moqui-Multi-Instance container-update without stoping it

Hello I am using Moqui-Multi-Instance for running moqui-server-inside the container , Now i want to update the container which is already in run-state ,with the latest-image
without stoping and losing already initialised / configured data-things.

Just want to update

How can i do that without using docker-compose
Any Suggestions

In docker you need to use a Volume to not lose the data in a container.

You might be able to use something like this: Mount volumes into a running container | by Kynan Rilee | Koki | Medium

From what you said, it doesn’t seem like it’s a Moqui problem and is probably a docker problem.

As you said that the data is persisted by volumes cleared ,
but their is any way i can update the container with latest image change ,without stopping the container ?

Actually my concerns is related to production like one instance is already running and i want to update it with less downtime of it.
Can we do that ?

what you can do in this situation is first to create a new container with the same configuration but change the port number and when the second container is live then stop the container which needs to be updated.

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