Moqui in academia

Does anybody know any experience where moqui (or OfBiz) is being or has been used in academia?
We are evaluating a hands-on undergrad course to have an experience closer to real-world scenarios in which the students can use moqui and learn about data modeling, handling of diverse technical details including transactions management, API integrations, etc.
So any previous experience might be useful.

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This is very interesting, and would like to hear more about this.

I haven’t heard of moqui or ofbiz being used in academia, but wouldn’t be surprised if they have.

From my opinion, would it be a little too complicated for a under gradulated student?
I remember I took an operating system course which had assignment to build a bare operating system from scrach, it was heavy. The infomation involved in that course is much less what involoved in Moqui. And moqui having too much knlowlege for a under graduate. Probably for a post-grad is ok.

Well you would give some guidance. It’s somewhat complicated, but it’s probably the easiest (if not one of the easiest) ways to learn data modeling, transactions, api etc.

There’s a common format that you need to learn, but most of the stuff you’re doing in Moqui is abstracted away and relatively easy to learn. Which is why it’s great to build complex things out of.

Yes, we are thinking about getting undergrads to understand aspects of the data modeling, and being able to add some concrete tasks. The amount of scaffolding needed will have to be adjusted according to each task.
And we are also looking to offer some topics that could be developed as part of the graduation process, where the students are expected to dive deeper into engineer-level activities.

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