Moqui ERP and CRM

Hello everyone and have a nice day!

I have questions, maybe someone from the forum visitors will share their knowledge or give their recommendations.

  1. Is there documentation or at least a clear direction so that Moqui can be installed on the server and configured as a SaaS.
  • The purpose of SaaS is to use one copy of Moqui on one server, but at the same time give separate access for different companies in the ERP. For example, I will install on the same ERP server with a domain: (this is an example) → a visitor comes in and registers a new account in the system for his company (let’s call the company “Good Test Company” as an example) → for his company “Good Test Company” this visitor (you can say as the administrator of “Good Test Company”) adds new users/employees (assume 10 accounts) = all these 10 accounts are linked to the company “Good Test Company”.

But in order not to install several copies of ERP on one server, I would like to just set up the system as SaaS.

Where to begin?

  1. I have a system installed on the CRM framework server.
  • I want to integrate ERP with CRM. But, the problem is that simply using the API will not work, since it will not be possible to achieve the goal.

Purpose: to combine my CRM and ERP with installation on one server, to create one database for user authorization on two systems at the same time, so that users do not have to log in to each system separately and so that I do not have to install copies of the system on one server.

Thank you.