Moqui Conference Spring 2023

Moqui Conference May 25-27 2023 in Dallas Texas.

Watch the conference now: Moqui Conference 2023 YouTube Playlist

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Moqui Conference 2023
Thursday May 25 to Saturday May 27
10:00 – 17:00 (US/Central time zone - America/Chicago)

Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 681-404-0134‬ PIN: ‪443 456 466‬#
More phone numbers:

Thank you for putting this together @michael !

We might be able to fill 3 days, if not we might consider just Friday and Saturday (ie drop Thursday, still have one day during the work week and one day on the weekend).

For the daily schedule one way to keep it simple-ish is to have 6 sessions per day, 1 hour each, plus breaks and lunch. For 3 days that means 18 sessions to fill.

I’ll volunteer for 2: a “state of Moqui” sort of presentation to talk about current status, recent additions, and possible future direction; and an educational presentation on some topic… I’m open to ideas of what might be most useful.

Another valuable sort of session is to pick a topic, or a cluster of topics, and have a panel discussion or a group discussion. With either of those the discussion needs a moderator, and I’d be happy to volunteer as moderator for 1 or 2 of those as well.

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When can you join the Moqui Conference Poll:

Moqui Conference
  • I can join May 11-13
  • I can join May 18-20
  • I can join May 25-27
  • I can join June 1-3
  • I can join June 8-10
  • I can’t join any of them

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Here’s an doc for viewing the agenda:

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How about “any”?

We agreed on May 25-27 in Plano TX, correct? I am planning to be there in person.


Yes. That’s the plan

YouTube Playlist

Moqui Conference 2023 YouTube Playlist

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Here is the automatically generated transcript for Day 1 of the conference:

And here for Day 2:

And Day 3:

From a quick glance it is missing some words and quite a bit off here and there, but may be of value along with the videos now posted on YouTube.

It would be a lot of work, and I don’t know how valuable it would be, but if anyone would like to edit this to be closer to what is in the YouTube videos let me know.

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