Moqui Conference 2022: May 13th, 14th

We are planning a remote-only two day conference on Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th. We haven’t had a conference since the event MK Decision hosted in 2019 in San Diego, and for this conference the plan is to use Google Meet for a fully remote conference.

Similar to previous conferences, each day will have 6 hours of presentations and discussions between 9am and 5pm US/Pacific time (with 15 minutes between each session plus one hour for lunch). All sessions will be recorded and posted to YouTube following the conference.

Out of the 12 one hour sessions I’ll take one and unless there are too many presentations we’ll have two panel discussion sessions. That leaves 9 open sessions. If you would like to present on a technical or business topic, share a project you’ve worked on or how you solved particular challenges, please leave a message as a reply on this topic, or contact David Jones ([email protected]).


Looking forward to it!

Thanks David, Looking forward,

Is there any interest in this? I’m thinking of either:

  1. do Friday only (March 25th)
  2. cancel it for now, schedule for a later date

Friday only or a later date works for me.


We have some projects that we deployed on moqui but I was hesitating to present them given that the track might be full. I might participate but I think Friday is too soon for us to prepare.

As discussed on the community call today the plan for the conference is to push it back to May 13th and 14th… this should be easy to remember as May 13th is a Friday, so Friday the 13th!

The date is approaching for a remote conference. If you are interested in presenting please let me know… there are still plenty of sessions available… well, all of them in fact.

It may also be that we are all too busy with other things right now and another time such as over the summer or fall might be better for a time for us to get together (in addition to the every other Friday community calls). If I don’t hear much interest I’ll let everyone know.

I missed this thread, will be glad to attend as audience and may be as presenter at next one… I’m working with my team on a couple of moqui based projects which could good candidates for presentation… however they are still at too incipient stages

I’ve heard from one person who is interested in presenting at the proposed upcoming conference. I’m considering cancelling it again… partly because of lack of interest by presenters but more because my mind has been on other things recently, which is perhaps part of why there is less interest or activity and preparation (no one pushing it along).

We do have the community call scheduled for next Friday (the 13th), and this might be a good topic to discuss then… not just when we might have a conference, more so who is interested in presenting and what sort of conference we could reasonably put together, along with what sort of conference would be interesting to attend.

I suppose another possibility is not just a remote conference, but an asynchronous as well… maybe that’s a bad idea, but I have been thinking about doing more intro and training videos (technical and business/end-user levels) and so have been thinking more about recorded and asynchronous material.


@jonesde I agree this is a good topic to discuss on the community call. I think that forum is partially filling the need for a conference.