Line wrapping in Text mode screen rendering

Hi all,

I am seeing that when rendering a screen with long lines as text (when e.g. sending an email with a screen body), they get cropped at a certain length. This is supposed to be a line wrapping, but the text does not continue at the next line.
Is this a problem with the paddedValue macro of the DefaultScreenMacros.text.ftl file or am I missing something?

Some more info: the lines in question are generated by using a label with the long text in its text attribute. Apparently any line wrapping should be handled in the label macro and is (not yet) implemented?

So the email client for a plain text email doesn’t wrap long lines and relies on pre-formatted text?

Yes, the paddedValue macro handles some form of line wrapping but maybe not what you’d expect as it was written for things like line wrapping within a table cell where each “line” is output at very different times (ie iterate through all columns for wrapLine 0, then iterate through them all again for wrapLine 1, and repeat until no column has overflowing characters).

This isn’t being done for the label, display, or text elements that you might be using to output text in a form-single or outside a form. That would need some code changes to wrap and honor the “lineCharactersNum” setting used in the default text render mode macros.