Issues with adding transitions to an existing screen

Has anyone had issues when adding a new transition to an existing screen?

I am trying to add this button:

<link url="removePartyNote" text=" " icon="fa fa-trash" confirmation="Remove party note?"
 parameter-map="[partyId:partyNote.partyId,noteDate:partyNote.noteDate, userId: ec.user.userId]"/>

with this transition:

<transition name="removePartyNote">
    <service-call name=""/>
    <default-response url="."/>

And the button appears disabled with a hash for the href.

If I set the link url to any other transition in the screen it works (as a button, obviously whichever transition later sends an error because it doesn’t have the appropiate params). So it seems like the screen simply is not loading the transition I added. I tried restarting the app; as well as rebuilding and the error persists

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You need to check if values of partyId and noteDate are correct.


I will for sure check that. I do not think that’s the issue tho, since setting the button to another transition would send an error for the params; but the button would be enabled.

The issue right now is that the button is rendered. But when pointing at the new transition it is shown as disabled, with href="#"

From a quick read of the two config elements they look fine and the link should work, as long as they are in the same XML Screen file, and the user has authorization. The 2 main reasons a button or link will be disabled are that the screen or transition does not exist, or the user does not have authorization for it (including possibly view-only authz where a lot will be disabled). Look at the log to see if it mentions any issues with this.

While posting code snippets may lead to comments from others that are helpful, it is often not possible to reproduce what you are seeing. If you have steps to reproduce, possibly including a patch or a screen file to try, that may be more helpful.