Initial release of B2B CRM

You can find the Sales application here. Details are in the README and ReleaseNotes.

I will continue working on improvements and new features. Input is welcome and appreciated so please post any comments and questions here.


Fantastic VInce, thanks for sharing, will check it out

This is interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Might want to lowercase that second c:

It also looks like in the ViewAccount screen an email isn’t added on submit to the left hand side of contacts after submitting:

Have you done a call center, email, and calendar integration?

Also it looks like a sales contact can add a sales account multiple times:

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the quick feedback @michael. I will fix some of the things you called out. You are correct, currently it does not prevent you from adding sales accounts more than once and this is the case with any of the party relationships such as associating a sales person with an account. Technically the data model doesn’t prevent it and I have not yet added any logic in the code to do so.

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Thanks for sharing the link to the Sales application on GitHub! I’m interested in seeing if it has functionalities related to many company info API.
I’ll definitely check the README and Release Notes for details.

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