Incorrect time when using get service

when I use moqui get service from entity the value of time field return with 5:30 hours different from what saved in entity , what is the problem?
is moqui panel has time config ? is it possible this problem return to special configs ?

Probabaly it is the time-zone related problem? You can compare the value in epoc ticks to see if there is any problem

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get service return different value from what saved in entity
suppose , the record saved in entity is 5 : 30 but when using ec.entity.find() the value returned is different

You’re probably right here. This is probably an effect of the localization of time.

could you please help me to solve the problem?

This might be a problem with the user’s timezone configuration which is different from the server’s timezone.

There also isn’t enough information to really solve the problem.

If your users are in the same time zone, the easiest way to fix this is setting the default_time_zone environment variable from one of the time zones here: List of tz database time zones - Wikipedia.