I want to use tree component in <dynamic-dialog>, how do I call the custom JavaScript method in “<tree-node> “?

I have encountered two problems when using tree components in “< dynamic dialog >“. First, how to introduce custom JS files (JS files in components)? Second, how to use the method in the file of custom JS in “< tree node > “?

In fact, the JS file may have been loaded. The question now is how to use the methods in the JS file on the < link > tag? For example: < link url = “javascript: alert (1)” >, can this be implemented?

On the link element if the url attribute is not a screen path, just use the url-type attribute to tell the framework not to treat it that way (url-type=“plain”).

You can also use the text element for inline text (optionally under the render-mode element), specific to one or more render-modes.

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Thank you for your reply! I’ll try it the way you say.