How to config <fo:> prefix in intellij

In my *.xsl-fo.ftl the <fo:root/> is marked red like the below. How do I configure xsd for this file?

@kieuanhvu What file is that?

@michael Hi Michael, this is my bref code

<screen xmlns:xsi=""
        default-menu-include="false" standalone="true">
            <text type="xsl-fo" location="component://iam-einvoice/template/invoice/InvoiceTemplate.xsl-fo.ftl" template="true" encode="false" no-boundary-comment="true"/>

And InvoiceTemplate.xsl-fo.ftl file like this:

<fo:root xmlns:fo=""
         font-family="ArialUni, ArialUniBold, ArialUniItalic" font-size="10pt">

I believe there isn’t an xsl-fo xsd document already in the moqui-fop repository, so following this guide would be the way to do this.

If you figure out a solution to this, feel free to create a PR to add the xsd document.

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