How to categorize Service Jobs?

Hello All,

Is there a way to group or identify Service Jobs based on their type/purpose?

The use case is that I need to fetch only those Service Jobs which serve a certain purpose, for example, I have some Service Jobs which act as templates for other jobs. Using the template type Service Job, we could clone and create specific Service Jobs.

While exploring the data model and Jobs UI [1], the option to ‘Find’ jobs works on either Job Name, Description, Paused etc, but couldn’t find a way to uniquely identify jobs based on some other criteria.

Would creating a new EnumerationType for ‘Service Job Type’ be a recommended way to solve this purpose, or am I missing anything here?

If anyone has faced a similar requirement, any inputs would be highly appreciated.



Looking at the ServiceJob entity (here), it looks like there is no type for a ServiceJob.

The closest thing I can find to that would either be the ServiceJob.topic which doesn’t really work here because it has a different semantic context. There is the OrderServiceJobRun entity (here), but that’s only for job runs and you would limit yourself to only categorizing by orderId.

I believe that adding an Enumeration under ServiceJob with a dedicated EnumerationType would be the way to go about adding this data.


Thanks @michael for your response.

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Glad to help!