How to add Artifact Member for Entity

I tried to get rest/e1/… from user john.doe, got 403 error that User john.doe is not authorized for View on Entity…, then I created an Artifact Group, and try to add Artifact Member for Entity, what should I write for field Artifact Name?


I’ve ran into this before and I believe that this is because by default john.doe doesn’t have access to the rest apis despite being an admin.

I forget the permission to allow this though.

Yes, for the entity endpoints (under /rest/e1) the authorization is entity level, different from the special Service REST API under /rest/s1 where an endpoint is considered an artifact type of its own with hierarchical semantics like Screens have.

In artifact groups for an entity the artifactName is just an entity name, preferably the full entity name: ${package}.${entity-name}