High heap memory usage on Moqui instance

Hi all,

We are experiencing high heap memory usage on our deployed Moqui instance.

The current heap memory is 4 GB (-Xms) and we are observing memory usage around 70-80% continuously even though system is idle at many instances.

If anyone has experienced similar issue, any inputs would be highly appreciated.


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Just to add more details to it, we are dealing with File I/O operations by generating bulk feed files in Moqui.

The generic pattern used in implementation is

try {
    //json file
    File feedFile = new File(jsonFilePath)

    PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(StandardCharsets.UTF_8, feedFile)

    JsonFactory jfactory = new JsonFactory();
    JsonGenerator jGenerator = jfactory.createGenerator(pw)

    data preparation here, the object (dataMap) to be written in the JSON  
    new ObjectMapper()
                    .writerWithDefaultPrettyPrinter().writeValue(jGenerator, dataMap)

} catch (IOException e) {
    logger.info("Error preparing fulfilled order items Feed file", e)

We have closed the resources PrintWriter and JsonGenerator, but is it possible due to some reason, the resource leak is happening?

Any inputs on this will be helpful here.


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