Guest checkouts

Has anyone been able to implement guest checkouts? What customizations are needed in UserFacade, services or session tracking?

What do you mean exactly by guest checkouts?

If you mean checking out without a user account password for the customer, and using an email as authentication instead, it shouldn’t be too bad to implement. You just have the user keep the same session on their browser through the whole checkout process. Create a party with information as needed. Make sure the email address is unique (you may end up needing to create a user account without a password). Then send emails throughout the process of shipping and delivery (perhaps even verify the email) so that the customer can be sure that they will get that package because there’s a contact mechanism. It may also be a good idea to have long lasting authc cookies so that you can save information about the shipment and avoiding losing information from a browser client perspective.

what I mean by guest is someone who makes a purchase and does not register at all. This is pretty common in a lot of services and applications that we use on a daily basis especially for small monetary value (food delivery apps and whatnot).

I know we cannot do it at the moment, I’m trying to think of the least intrusive solution.

I would approach that with my comment above.

“long lasting authc cookies” that sounds like a good idea, I’ll start there and work my way through. Thank you Michael for sharing these thoughts.

We did long lasting authc cookies on the resistmanagement component here: resistmanagement/MoquiConf.xml at 4e29683d52a8c06f1f53811e48443d2405cd105e · resistmanagement/resistmanagement · GitHub

Hope that helps!