Form-list with two submit buttons

I have a form-list that is rather long and I would like to add a second button at the top that invokes the same transition as the button at the bottom so that the user doesn’t have to scroll down the entire list to submit the form. I have been able to add a button, but it seems to disable the functionality of both buttons when it is present.

Has anyone seen an example of this?

You may use row-selection or modify the form-list macro.

Do you have any insights re: modifying the form-list macro? Is this something you have done with success?


Check the following code in your DefaultScreenMacros.qvt.ftl and move it to the place you want

<#-- end/footer -->
    <#if !skipEnd>
        <#if isMulti && listHasContent>
            <tr><td colspan="${numColumns}">
                <#list formNode["field"] as fieldNode><@formListSubField fieldNode false false true true/></#list>

Thank you. I will look into those approaches.