Flutter based frontend to Moqui for early adopters

Hi Community,

The open source Flutter ERP system GrowERP is now available in production. It is using Moqui as the back end in a multi company configuration .

We have currently 2 applications available for early access:

  1. Administration
    This is the general basic ERP application showing all basic functions like employee/user/company-, CRM, product-,order management, warehouse, e-commerce and accounting.
    The same application is available on the following platforms:
    * Browser: https://admin.growerp.com
    * Google Android: Play Store
    * Apple IOS: App Store
  2. Hotel
    This is the first specialized application where the functions of administrator are adapted and have a room registration and availability management added as the main menu.
    Also this app is available on the 3 platforms:
    * Browser: https://hotel.growerp.com
    * Google Android: Play Store
    * Apple IOS: App Store

Everything in a easy to use system, available as open source using Flutter as the front end and Moqui as the backend. All together in a single repository at the GitHub platform for evaluation, issue reporting and contributions.

If you like to be informed about the system both from an end-user and technical implementation point of view subscribe to our weekly mailnglist
General website at: https://www.growerp.com

Comments are always welcome and can be sent to [email protected]


Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to see what people do with Moqui.

Thanks for sharing Hans. Love how you’ve simplified the ERP.

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