Feb 4 2022 Community Call

Proposed agenda for this week’s call. Please comment with any additional topics.

  • Documentation
    • Contributing
    • Review Process
    • Current and future structure
  • Using Moqui for Moqui
    • Moqui.org wiki
    • Feature Requests
    • Following the process outlined in HEMP
  • User Interface
    • If time permits, let’s spend some time in a working session on documentation in this area
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As a side note, I have a couple projects that I’m thinking about working on, but with limited time I’m open to some feedback about what people would appreciate more

Hi Michael, As fars as i know, you had graciously added my email [email protected] for the Community Call, Am i supposed to get a calendar invite and or email notifications, unfortunately i did not get any and could not join the community call, pls can you advise

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