Exporting metrics to monitoring tools (prometheus)

In case anybody is using monitoring tools like prometheus to have an eye on running moqui instances, I have just published a component that allow internal moqui metrics to be imported into Prometheus.

It is based on the System dashboard, leaving out most OS-related metrics as they would better be scraped from an OS-specific exporter, plus an extract of recent ArtifactHit entity values (only to the webroot screen).

It is available at GitHub - Moitcl/moqui-metrics: Metrics for moqui to use by external monitoring
Any comments and feedback are welcome.


This is awesome thank you @jenshp!

Also feel free to submit a PR to add your component to the Third Party addons.xml here.

Just filed a feature request in github for this; basically, it might be nice to have more metrics, things like sales orders completed, outgoing costs, profit margins, etc. That could then be graphed along-side other metrics(like cpu load on distributed cloud hardware, etc).

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