EntityValueBase Error with no idear

Got a error

10:16:47.200  WARN oquiWorker-5           
 o.moqui.i.e.EntityValueBase Error in secondary sequenced ID converting SeqId [ALL] in field 
[regionGeoCode] from entity [mantle.product.ProductCalculatedInfo] to a number: 
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "ALL" 

Entity definition:

    <entity entity-name="ProductCalculatedInfo" package="mantle.product" cache="never">
        <field name="productId" type="id" is-pk="true"/>
        <field name="regionGeoCode" type="id" is-pk="true"/> `Preformatted text`
        <field name="totalQuantityOrdered" type="number-decimal"/>
        <field name="totalTimesViewed" type="number-integer"/>
        <field name="averageCustomerRating" type="number-decimal"/>
        <relationship type="one" related="mantle.product.Product"/>

To seperate calculated infor from one place to another for a product, added one primary key. But with some finding and updating non-primary fields, giving this error. Tried to read the code, it somehow tries to convert a string to a number, that would be error of course, but why? why is it converting? should not I use text as primary key?

the type of the regionGeoCode was ‘text-short’, then after sometime there are some entities created, then I changed it to type ‘id’. this coulde be reason?

Does this error happen on a new database that hasn’t had the:

I know that problems can happen when a primary key is added. Maybe instead of using the same name for the new primary key, change the name of the field.

You can also checkout the code here: https://github.com/moqui/moqui-framework/blob/df5e4cc06bb68b71d96e69110a6588d3b37fc679/framework/src/main/groovy/org/moqui/impl/entity/EntityValueBase.java#L556

Sorry that’s all the time I’ve got at the moment. Good luck