Email client and gmail issues

Hey folks, I have multiple clients who host their email with google, and google disabled support for “less secure apps” as they call it which means you cannot define an email server with username and password.

Did anyone find a workaround for this?

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I might be having a similar problem. What problems have you or your clients been having with gmail?

Sending the email to the following server failed :

I could dig a little further but it’s obvious, it works with other mail hosts but not google, which is directly related to the above. I’m trying to think how to fix this but I don’t know of an easy way, as we have to probably use oauth or something like that.

If you are only sending email from Moqui then there are many alternatives to use as an outbound mail server. Maybe not an ideal solution but at least a work around.
If you are also connecting for inbound mail and getting this error then it sounds like an alternative authentication method will need to be implemented.

I would never use gmail or google myself but perhaps it’s unrealistic to tell our clients to do the same.

Now in my case no I’m not receiving email, but even so you still can neither send nor receive email with their new “less secure apps” policy enforcement. and if I want to send an email from the same domain for which the website is hosted, and at the same time the client already has an email server for that domain, then the only solution is to provide a different domain host. This is the solution that I’ll probably go with but is ugly and not ideal. I have 2 clients complaining about this.

I think I’ll probably have to develop something to play nice with google for future projects

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Google Workspace Administrators can enable “Less Secure Apps” here:

Here’s an article about it - Control access to less secure apps - Google Workspace Admin Help

It’s usually not good practice to use Gmail for sending transactional emails. AWS SES is my preferred service for Moqui transactional emails.

We put DNS records in AWS Route53 for SOA and NS to make Route53 the primary DNS controller. Then added MX DNS records for Google (Gmail) to use email and CNAME records for AWS SES validation (DKIM).

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