Dynamically load more results when scrolling

Is there a way to do this either within a form list or otherwise? For example, I have a screen with “My Tasks”. I want to continue scrolling to see more, as opposed to pagination.

The current UI for form-list is definitely designed around pagination, and with the hybrid client/server rendering approach the table rendering (creating HTML based on form-list definition and the formatted/etc data and UI elements to display), all of what you see in the table is handled on the server.

There is some experimental stuff with a server-static=true attribute on form-list, but this is far from ready to be used and is incomplete. The biggest issue from last time I tried it a few years ago what formatting date/time, number, etc values because all of the expressions and formatting strings are specified in server side syntax (groovy, Java date/etc formatting strings), which is very different from anything available on the client side.

This goes straight back to the issues with trying to use the existing XML Screen & Form files for client rendered screens where the semantics and tools available are completely different. Whether somethings similarly efficient and flexible could be created for client rendering is another question, IMO and from a little bit of design effort a long time ago I think it could be close but not quite the same… some parts will be more complicated with the strict separation of client and server aspects of a screen (ie something like form-list but where an endpoint is specified to get data, along with similar differences for everything else).

On the other hand, this case isn’t as complex as the server side formatting and expressions could be applied, turning a list of object values for date/time/number sorts of things into a list with only String values so that it would be displayed only as-is in the browser.

With that approach pagination without reloading the rest of the screen would be possible, and from there it would not be a huge step to the load on scroll sort of effect.

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