Documenting New Features

I just submitted a pull request for the new progressive web app functionality for Moqui see here: Progressive Web Application functionality to Moqui by acetousk · Pull Request #209 · moqui/moqui-runtime · GitHub and Add getScreenPathHasTransition in ScreenRenderImpl by acetousk · Pull Request #573 · moqui/moqui-framework · GitHub.

I looked at the documentation Moqui Documentation and I’m not sure where to put the new feature and how to use it. Would it be better to write a post here about the feature and how to use it? What are my options for writing documentation?

I don’t think that this just applies to my scenario. Making it easy for people to write documentation is a good first step to helping people write documentation. What are the rules of engagement for writing documentation? Where should I write it? How should I contribute the changes are? Are each things to think about when trying to collaborate on documentation. As talked about here: Collaborating on Documentation.

There is certainly no consistency at all across the entire universe of opensource projects. Some softwares use *.md files directly in their code repos. Others uses separate repositories to host documentation. Sometimes the docs get published directly on a hosting site, but then where are the original docs? It’s not an easy pattern to figure out.

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