Deploy moqui as none ROOT webapp in tomcat

I know moqui can be deployed as ROOT webapp in tomcat and it works fine. But I would like to deploy it as a none ROOT webapp. So I manually copied moqui-plus-runtime.war to TOMCAT_HOME/webapps and tried to access http://localhost:8080/moqui-plus-runtime but got the following error:

Web Resource Not Found: Could not find subscreen or transition or file/content [moqui-plus-runtime] under screen [component://webroot/screen/webroot.xml] while finding url for path [moqui-plus-runtime] under from screen [component://webroot/screen/webroot.xml]

How can fix it?

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I think it is caused by the following lines in WebFacadeImpl.groovy.

     // was: String pathInfo = request.getPathInfo()
     String reqURI = request.getRequestURI()

String pathInfo = request.getPathInfo()
instead of
String reqURI = request.getRequestURI(),
It can work for apps.

This has been fixed by the following PRs.