Demo Purchase Orders

I did a find for purchase orders on and didn’t find any. I tried to create a PO and get the message:

Cannot get property ‘vendorPartyId’ on null object

…in the order detail. Do POs work on demo? It seems like demo PO data would be useful. Am I doing it wrong?

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There are something wrong with test data. Please try to create PO with Vender ZiddlemanInc: Ziddleman & Sons Suppliers Inc and Customer ZIRET: Ziziwork Retail & Wholesale.


That works. Is it a bug that you can create an invalid PO?

What do you mean the PO is invalid?

If I press “Create Purchase Order” and then “Create” on the default customer (55900: Test Vendor) it takes me to a new order screen with the Order Detail tab showing:

Cannot get property ‘vendorPartyId’ on null object

Should form validation block the “Create” action?


I think it needs to dig further and see if it is a bug.

@schue , Do you have an “Active Org” selected? The “Test Vendor” might not be visible to the specific org selected.

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I have ZIRET selected. It seems to me that “Create” should fail and you should stay on the open creation dialog when the selections are invalid.

Also, would make sense to not allow you to select or see the “Test Vendor” from the dropdown.