CRM out of the box

Greetings all, has references to CRM in Documentation > Mantle Business Artifacts however i did not find CRM in the moqui demo, Is CRM supported in any / all tiers including UI, Data layer and Business logic layer, appreciate any feedback.

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In that same page you will notice that it says that “Mantle is a foundation for building enterprise automation applications” and it gives you examples, one of them is CRM. So it is a foundation, not the final solution. So some of the examples are already implemented (ERP, e-commerce) and some are partially implemented and some are not implemented. CRM specifically is perhaps limited right now to information on each party (when you click on a party you get a comprehensive view of their orders, financials, payment methods and so on. But you don’t have a full CRM solution that integrates for example with social media, IP-phones and so on.

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On and, there is a CRM.

For example, on, there are wikispaces to manage the docs that here (see the moqui-org docs.xml).

@info.integrin, can you share more details about the capabilities you are looking for in CRM? It can mean many things.
I am working on a basic B2B CRM application that includes account, contact, and opportunity management. The Moqui party model already supports accounts and contacts so this is mostly about new screens that are built for purpose. There is also a SalesOpportunity entity and some related tables that are a pretty solid foundation for opportunity management.
So the basics are there and it is just a matter of building more robust functionality depending on the requirements.
If this is of interest to you we could talk about working on it together. I am using it primarily to drive my own Moqui learning curve and the intention is to make it available as an open source add on component.

Thanks @all for the responses, much appreciated @vince.clark we are also looking for a basic B2B CRM as well including Account, Contact, Opportunity, Leads, Events, Partners & Forecast; we can sync up and explore opportunities working on this together.

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