CRM features (Moqui)


Please help with information (it would be great if there is relevant documentation)!

Interested in opportunities:

  1. Provide limited access for users (only employees of the Sales Department in CRM, so that they cannot enter other sections of ERP)?

  2. How to transfer new applications from the site to CRM (we have a WordPress site and application forms)?

  3. How to send messages to CRM from a company email?

  4. On our website (WordPress) there is a shopping cart and online payment. Orders are now stored in the CMS. How to transfer new orders to CRM, and return the order processing status to CMS?

  5. Is it possible to connect cloud PBX (telephony) to CRM so that phone calls are stored?

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge!

Hello @Murat, welcome to the Moqui forum. It sounds like you want to move some of your current capabilities into Moqui and integrate back into your Wordpress site. “CRM” can mean many things. You referenced orders, integration with PBX, and email. Are you looking to use Moqui for order management, fulfillment, and call center / customer service?
All of the things you listed are possible. If you are new to Moqui I would recommend working with a service provider. A list can be found here Moqui Service Providers

Moqui would like to process orders, but the logic is not yet clear for our programmer, how to transfer incoming requests and orders from the WordPress CMS to Moqui.

We want to process orders in Moqui according to the type of CRM for the sales department (Leads - Deals, sales funnel, phone calls, email messages, customer order history, correspondence history, order tasks, event calendar).

Therefore, the question arises. What Moqui functionality closely resembles CRM? How can you provide access only to CRM in Moqui (so that employees, for example, cannot open the accounting section - HR - warehouse, and so on), maybe there is an example of documentation on setting access rights for different user groups?

@Murat you can look at examples in the demo environment for how to setup users, assign them to groups, and define your own user groups to control permissions. See the “Security” section in the link below. Note that you will first need to login, just click on the button on the left that says "Test Login (John Doe).

Hi Murat, for granting some users access to certain parts of an application but not others you would use the Artifact-based Authorization functionality described here:

The best self-contained example of various user groups with different authorization is in the PopCommerce component right now, though there are similar SimpleScreens based artifact groups (instead of being PopCommerce specific) that could be used in PopCommerce if these were deprecated, and are meant to be used with the newer Marble ERP. Here is the PopCommerce data file that sets these up:

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