Create new path for rests

hi , I clone the moqui project and start it and now I want to create new rest file and new service file in runtime and component folder , but when I create It and call it using axios the bellow error was happen :
Service REST API Root resource not found with name antennaLa
and I also antennaLa in the artifacts group in system section
can you help me solve this problem ?

the new error is :
‘message’: ‘Could not find subscreen or transition or file/content [test] under screen [component://webroot/screen/webroot/rest.xml] while finding url for path [rest, antennaLab, test] under from screen [component://webroot/screen/webroot.xml] Screen, transition, or resource not found here’,
‘errorName’: ‘Not Found’,
‘error’: 404,
‘path’: ‘/rest/antennaLab/test’

Hi, Please post your service and rest xml file
im sure something wrong in file

thanks, no , I am sure there is not any problem in rest and service file , the problem may associated with config files , that means , it may have a file that I must config rests or services.

there is no need to config anything to add new rest api. Either something wrong with your rest file, or the url used to call rest api is mis spelled or i pit rest file under wrong directories or the component is not recognised by moqui .
If you have correct .rest.xml and service defination file, and the are located at correct place under the component recongnized by moqui and the url used to call the api spelled correctly, everything will be fine

I think the full path for rest api in you webservices must be like this ‘/rest/s1/antennaLab/test’.
I have called many web services through axios but never had any problems

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