Create a small CRUD of Books and Authors

Hello! I recently heard about Moqui, I started researching it and I find it very interesting. I did the basic tutorial and I managed to understand some general aspects, my question is:

How can I create an application that has an Author, Book and Author-Book model? How could I make the relationships between tables and the corresponding cruds to save, list, edit and delete information?

I understand how the entities are created and how to put test data, what I don’t understand well is how to create the screens to be able to work with the entities, I know the concept of service but I don’t know how to apply it to what I want to do in order to learn more about it. Moqui.

Where I live (Chile) I don’t know people who work with this framework, could you guide me with some example or information to be able to achieve this?

Thank you so much.

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Moitcl/moqui-chile: Moqui component with localization data for Chile and spanish translations (

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Thank you very much for your help, I’m going through the code trying to learn how it works :slight_smile:

Hi Felipe, we are working with Moqui in Chile, and have published the localization mentioned by @newmannhu . If you have questions or suggestions, you are most welcome.

Hi @jenshp Thanks for responding and thanks for the help. I’ll tell you a little about what I want to do, I’m trying to make a small CRUD of books (books can have many authors and authors can have many books), to that I add the screens and sub screens to be able to create, edit and delete books and authors so that at the end you can also have a screen to list all the books.

It is a very basic project but it will give me greater clarity on how Moqui works and is used.

The framework is very interesting since its orientation is directly towards the business and I have never seen that in another framework, on the other hand, it is also fast to develop since it has atomized code.

I was reviewing the git that @newmannhu shared with me and I was surprised by the quality and order of the code, I don’t know much about Moqui but I can understand what the code does (not 100% but I can understand)

It is also interesting how the “services” are created and work, that in the MVC structure would be like the “controller”, even the logic of the repository that they shared with me makes it clear by making the calls from the views to the services.

As I mentioned, Moqui can be a great ally when developing with a strong business orientation since you do not need to start a project from scratch, the data models are ready, you just have to arrive and start putting the parts together, on the other hand, The learning curve is a little slow from what I see, but nothing that cannot be learned in the short time of a month or two months.

All of the above is the reason why I want to learn Moqui and I want to create that CRUD to start.

You may check how Product and Cateogry work in moqui

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