<container-dialog> fiield change during use

Newbie question here:

If I have a container-dialog that is currently active, based on the conditions in the active dialog, can I force a refresh of the dialog to change what fields are hidden/displayed?

Alternatively, under certain conditions, can I have a container-dialog open a new dialog and then close itself out?

What I’m looking for is the ability to change what is displayed based on a specific selection from one of the drop-down boxes. Maybe there’s a better way to do this?

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So I think the general answer here is you cannot OOTB and so you might need to customize. How to do that is something I’m finding myself struggling with a little bit but maybe This discussion could prove helpful

Also as a workaround depending on how complex your requirements are, maybe the dynamic-container can do what you need

Thank you. I will look into those suggestions and see if they will work.

Dear Jwager,

The following OOTB features may be useful in your case:

  1. Several screen widgets support the <depends-on> attribute.

  2. <form-single> has the optional attributes: background-submit, background-reload-id, background-hide-id, background-message.

  3. You can use <dynamic-container id="myDynamicContainer1" ...> for dynamic content which can be reloaded after a form is submitted when the form specifies its id: <form-single ... background-reload-id="myDynamicContainer1">.

  4. For hidding a dialog, you could use <form-single background-hide-id="myDialog" ... >.

Please see moqui/framework/xsd/xml-form-2.1.xsd and moqui/framework/xsd/xml-screen-2.1.xsd for further details.


Francisco Faes


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