Community Infrastructure Updates

I made a few changes to the Community Infrastructure Guide:

First, wow and my apologies for letting this content get so stale. Reading over this I see where some confusion has come from about documentation and such, plus it needed updates to refer to this forum more prominently, which it now does.

If anyone has further feedback please comment here.

One other change I’m considering for this document and the Issue and Pull Request Guide is to just say use Issues and Pull Requests on GitHub instead of Requests on HiveMind. We may yet use HiveMind on for more, but realistically Requests there are far less convenient for both reporters and reviewers than Issues on GitHub. Thoughts?

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I would think that there are many people who already use GitHub and have it in their day-to-day toolbox, so it would widen the audience comparing to the requirement of using a specific tool when dealing with Moqui. So, yes, I think GitHub pull requests would mean a smoother interaction in most cases.

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I should not have included pull requests in this, those will always be on GitHub because that is where the git repositories are. The real question is between HiveMind Requests and GitHub Issues, except that if someone submits proposed code changes along with reporting an issue that can go in just a GitHub Pull Request because a GitHub Issue + Pull Request is redundant (and annoying, more to manage and track).

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It might be a fun little project to just sync the issues on hivemind and github with the github api

If this sounds like a good idea let me know or else it probably won’t happen :slightly_smiling_face: