CK Editor messge

Hi, for anyone using CK Editor (currently the version 4.14.1 is the one being used in moqui), you might be seeing an error message regarding this version being insecure and inviting to upgrade to a (commercially supported) LTS version.
The alternative seems to be using CK Editor 5 or another WYSIWYG-like editor, does anyone has been through this?

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CK Editor has gone commercial open source :headstone:

Version 5 is now GPL, and version 4 is EOL as of July 1st.

@jonesde I guess it’s about time to look for an alternative. We should talk about this on the Moqui call.


Name Thoughts URL
Tiny MCE Bigger Team and more people. Uses GPL and is even more commercial open source CKEditor vs TinyMCE | Why TinyMCE is the Best CKEditor Alternative | TinyMCE
Quill Open source BSD. Built by so would probably only continue to work if slab stayed in business or if they failed, a community got created for it.
Editor.js Apache licensed built by non-profit. Different structure for storing data and would be a more future proof option with / options and general universal input.

Here’s some other alternatives that I’ve found: